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Remove a Google penalty. Monitor inbound links. Improve your existing backlinks. Discover link opportunities. Spot link building trends. When the time comes to audit your link profile, dont sleep on LinkResearchTools. This is one of the most comprehensive link checker tools out there, giving you everything you need and nothing that you dont. As one of the bigger brands in the online marketing space, Majestic SEO has a lot to offer those who have a strong interest in their backlink profile. Getting started is as simple as entering your URL into the search box. From there, the SEO tool will do all of the work for you. Heres an example of the results for my website, NeilPatel.com.: There are a lot of numbers here, so make sure that you take the time to break down each one. While your eyes will gravitate towards the total number of external backlinks, dont overlook the other key details.:
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Competitor backlink research involves looking at websites either in your business or have a comparable target market to yours. Throughout this study, you evaluate the performance of your rivals site, the number of backlinks it has, as well as the general authority of the website on the internet. Importance of Competitor Backlink Analysis.
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The template you just used is excellent for quickly filtering out poor-quality backlinks and highlighting the important ones that your competition has, but you do not. If you want a more in-depth link analysis, check out our link intelligence report. We have this thing-but an RSS reader works just as well. By signing up you agree to our privacy policy. We respect your inbox and well make it super easy to unsubscribe. Want to share this? Cody is a Head of Growth at Scribe Media where he leads growth marketing initiatives leveraging a full-funnel marketing mix and advanced analytics. Cody is a Head of Growth at Scribe Media where he leads growth marketing initiatives leveraging a full-funnel marketing mix and advanced analytics. Book a Demo. Building Topic Clusters. TAM Gap Analysis. Calculate Link Building ROI. Competitor Backlink Analysis.
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Backlinks are still one of Googles top 3 ranking factors. Its pretty impossible to rank your page without a solid backlink profile. So investing in a backlink analysis of your site and your competitors is essential. Competitor link building and broken link building are also two of the 'easiest' strategies to gain links.
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So, What Backlinks Are The Best To Pursue? There are a lot of options to choose from when answering the question where to get your best backlinks; but the most obvious and impactful, which ironically are the most overlooked, are competitor backlinks. Simply put, aside from the content and functionality of the highest ranking websites in the industry you might be trying to compete in, backlinks are often the differentiator between a site ranking 1 vs 8 in the SERPs search engine result pages. With that being the case, acquiring the same backlinks that not only the 1 ranking site has, but that all the top 10 websites have, can result in rapid ranking improvements for your website literally from one day to the next. How to Acquire Your Competitors'' Backlinks In 4 Steps.
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One of the best features of Ahrefs is that you can set up alerts that let you know if your competitors have gotten any new website links since your last check. This essentially means that you can monitor backlinks without having to carry out a comprehensive analysis of their whole profile on a regular basis. Majestic allows you to compare your website with up to 10 other competitors. To do this, enter the domain name or URL in the search box on the homepage, click the search icon, then click Compare. Paste the domains of your competitors to get an overview of how many referring domains you have compared to other websites. You can then expand the menu on the left hand side and get a report of how many links you have, which you can then export into an Excel spreadsheet or CSV document. If you dont want to use the comparison tool, you can just skip this step and simply enter the domains of each competitor in the search bar on the homepage. Competitor Backlink Analysis.
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Backlinks are said to have quite a prominent effect on search rankings, which is why theyre considered very useful for improving a websites SEO ranking. How will a competitor backlink analysis help you? Analysing a competitors backlinks will give you an insight into what sites may be interested in your content, and will consequently give you ideas on how to build links to your own business. Whether this is by adding your company to business directories, recommending content to new websites or stealing links by providing better, more engaging content, the backlink analysis is a fundamental aspect of SEO. Backlink analyses can take several hours depending on the amount of backlinks a site has, therefore you need to be extremely patient, and remain focused so you dont miss out on a vital link opportunity. How to conduct a backlink analysis.: Using a backlink analysis tool, generate the number of backlinks to your competitors site.
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We are also aware that along with competitor backlinks, the proper strategy and effort with the right tools will give you an edge. That is why, we have developed the free backlink checker tool to help you assist not only as a free backlink checker and backlink analyzer, but also help you navigate through competitor backlinks, website competitor analysis, and your competitor research tools.
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Doing a competitor backlink analysis is often more informative than your own backlink analysis. Backlink analysis is essential for every SEO strategy and can grant valuable insight into both your site and your competitors. Written by Greg Mattessich, ELITE Intern. back-link analysis backlinks SEO. Best On-Page SEO Techniques To Rank Higher In Search Results. Best Ways For Building Free Backlinks In 2020.
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Analyze competitors across 5 any bases and 18 metrics simultaneously, as well as.: Work out 18 metrics: visibility, traffic, SEO PPC keywords, internal and external links and domains, site authority, etc. Find out if competitors are using dropped domains with link profile analysis. Select authoritative sites for placing links. Analyze the SEO of your site's' subdomains. What is a backlink checker? It is a Backlink tool with additional opportunities to.: Find trust rank of the domain, the number of referring and redirecting domains. Track dynamic of new and lost backlinks data, active and lost external links. Receive top pages of outreach competitors. Detect toxic backlinks. Create a list of backlink anchors. Check the referring domain zones and countries. Send up to 500 pages per day in Serpstat URL Recrawling Tool to get fresh data to your link-building strategy. Use Serpstat backlink research tools! Open Backlink analysis and enter a competitive domain in the search area. Check out the Top Pages report, how many referring domains are placed on the website, which of them have unique IP subnets, what is the domain authority. How to find backlinks of website?
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Ultimately, the purpose of this exercise is to replicate their backlinks and add them to your existing backlink profile. When performed well, this strategy can increase your backlinks by more than 20. thats quite a boost! A Step-by-Step Guide For Finding Competitor Backlinks. Finally, its time for the fun part: finding your competitors best backlinks and using them to your advantage.: Choose a few competitors to analyze. The first step in any competitor backlink analysis is identifying a few promising websites to analyze. Most business owners will already have a pretty good sense of who their main competitors are. These will likely be ideal websites to start with. On the off chance that you aren't' familiar with your main competitors, start by entering your primary and secondary keywords into Google. From there, choose 5-10 websites that.: Occupy the same niche as you. Rank above you in SERPs for your keywords. Choose your tools. Manual backlink audits are time-consuming and error-prone. Your best bet is to find an SEO tool suite that has backlink auditing features built-in.
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Shared: These are domains that point to every domain, including yours. Unique: These are domains that only point to a single domain among competitors. All: All prospective domains. In this competitor backlink analysis, you need to opt for Best to see all the link-building opportunities as these are those websites that are linking to your competitors but not you. Image via Semrush. These are the websites that you need to approach to build backlinks. Youd, of course, have to analyze these websites well before approaching them for backlinks. Alternatively, you could leverage our Link Chest to find backlink opportunities with ease. Do you want hundreds of easy-to-get backlinks? The Link Chest is a collection of high-quality, easy-to-win backlink opportunities. Its the smart way to kickstart your SEO mission and improve the rank of your website in Google. Reveal The Link Chest. Jerome Berman Link Chest customer. This is such a simple idea but very well executed. Ive been powering through this giant list of backlinks for a few hours and already have loads pointing to my site. Link Chest is an essential tool for early stage link building.

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